Campaigns I Support

European Year 2014 on Reconciling Work and Family Life

I recently called on the European Commission to urgently come to a final decision and declare 2014 the European year for Reconciling Work and Family Life.

A significant pan-European grassroots campaign has coalesced around this idea, and with one third of the year already behind us, it's high time for the Commission to make a final call for 2014.

Thanks to a Written Declaration spearheaded by myself and three other MEPs, the European Parliament has already formally backed the idea, so I hope and expect that the Commission will shortly follow suit.

Since 1983, the EU has annually declared a "European year" on a specific subject to encourage debate and dialogue within and between European countries.

The aim is to raise awareness of certain topics, encourage debate and change attitudes. During many European years, extra funding is provided for local, national and cross-border projects that address the Year's special topic. I was centrally involved in the campaign which led to 2011 being declared the European Year of Volunteering.

Written Declaration on introducing the European Card for Persons with Disabilities

I am one of the co-authors of the Written Declaration on introducing the European Card for Persons with Disabilities which calls for the reduction of barriers to the freedom of movement of persons with disabilities via the adoption of a European Mobility Card. The Commission is hence called upon to raise awareness and to promote the concept of a European Card for Persons with Disabilities.

50/50 European Women's Lobby Political Mentoring Network Campaign

I am a member of the European Women's Lobby 50/50 Campaign Coalition and a mentor of the European Women's Lobby Political Mentoring Network.

The European Women's Lobby Political Mentoring Network aims to empower ethnic minority women and women of foreign origin ahead of the June 2014 European elections and, ideally, to increase their representation in the European Parliament, in order to address the lack of gender parity and ethnic diversity in political decision-making at European level.

The Single Seat Campaign

I am a member of the Single Seat campaign which was launched after the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, which gave new powers and responsibilities to the European Parliament. It also gave MEPs a significantly increased workload, which is difficult to complete effectively in two cities. Brussels is the Parliament's headquarters and the EU's political capital, but Strasbourg is the parliament's official 'Seat'. Last year, 78% voted for governments to revise the issue of parliament's Seat - that's a majority in every political group and from every country, except France and Luxembourg.

“Get Caught Reading” campaign 2013

I recently joined the 2013 edition of the "Get Caught Reading" campaign, launched by

The Federation of European Publishers to promote reading and books. The Federation successfully ran the first edition in 2005 and more than one hundred personalities were then “caught” reading.

So far and among others, the campaign has received the official support of the Presidents of the EU Institutions - Mr Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Mr Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission and Mr Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council.

Together, our objective is to spread the powerful message that reading is both a real joy and the gateway to a world of opportunities.

Fluoridation of water in Ireland

I support the campaign for an end to the fluoridation of Irish drinking water.

A petition which I am actively working on in the European Parliament on this topic remains open. Specifically, it concerns the addition to the Irish public drinking water supply of hydrofluosilicic acid (H2SiF6), a substance which I believe is an unlicensed medicine imported into Ireland and purchased by the Irish government, in contravention of Directive 2001/83/EC on Medicinal Products for Human Use. Medicines which do not appear on an approved list cannot be put on the market of any EU Member State.

The question of mass medication without consent has been raised at the Parliament's Petitions Committee, as well as the unsafe limits to which bottle-fed infants are exposed in comparison to breast-fed babies (up to 200 times more, according to evidence).

Of the 27 Member States in the EU, only Ireland and the UK deliver hydrofluosilicic acid through the public water supply to medicate its citizens. The other 25 states have either ended the practice long ago or have never had fluoridated water.

116000 EU's Missing Children’s Hotline

I support the 116000 Hotline for Missing Children, operated by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC), which was commenced in December 2012 on a reduced hours pilot basis and I campaigned for the commencement of the full time operation of the service in Ireland which was launched in April 2013.


I am a lifelong believer in the transformative power of volunteering and I was an instrumental force behind the European Commission's decision to designate 2011 the European Year of Volunteering (EYV). I co-founded the European Parliament's Volunteering Interest Group.



Politicians for Cervical Cancer Prevention

Marian is a member of the Politicians for Cervical Cancer Prevention interest group. To STOP Cervical Cancer - Sign the Petition -