My Staff

I have two staff in my Sligo office. They are Marie Henry, who manages the office and Kirsty Cawley, as her assistant. I also have two staff members in my Brussels office - Tara O´Donnell and Niamh Gurn and an intern in my Brussels office on a 6-9 month basis. I also employ Declan MacPartlin as an Adviser.

Staff Costs: I do not disclose information on individual salaries but they are all within the normal range of parliamentary salaries and all contracts, salaries etc. are fully approved by the European Parliament. My staff allowances are administered under contract by my Service Provider who has provided this service for many years to the Parliament and is regulated by the Financial Regulator. All funds received from the European Parliament go into a separate account administered by my Service Provider to which I have no access and those accounts are signed off by the European Parliament on a yearly basis. The amount paid in salaries for 2013 was €254,508. This included all payments to staff, PRSI, pension payments, staff travel expenses, accountants’ fees and nothing else. I comply with all staff regulations as laid down for members of the European Parliament.

Office Expenses: I maintain a full time office in Sligo and have done so for my ten years as an MEP. I receive an office allowance of €4,299 per month which is used to pay all office expenses including office rental, equipment, stationary, all utility bills, website etc.

Salary: My salary is €96,246.36 per annum which is a reduction on my previous MEP salary. I am entitled to a pension of €42,000 per annum for my work as a teacher and TD - I have gifted this entire pension to the Irish State since March 1st, 2009, in total in excess of €220,000. From June of 2014 to the end of my current mandate, I will request my pension to be paid into an account exclusively for the purpose of assisting projects that benefit the community. The monies will be given to Voluntary and Community initiatives and full details will be posted on my website. 

Personal Expenses: I receive the standard €304 per day for attending the Parliament and the standard amount for travel as calculated by the European Parliament.