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As an Independent MEP, in order to secure backing for my agenda, I joined the ALDE Group (Alliance of Liberals & Democrats in Europe) in the European Parliament.  ALDE is the third largest group holding, in certain circumstances, the ability to influence decisions far beyond their numerical strength.  It was this balance of power dimension which enabled Pat Cox to become the first Irish person to become President of the Parliament and to enhance Ireland’s prestige and influence during his term of office.

The ALDE Group embraces members from 20 of the 27 member states but, unlike the party political system in Ireland, no party whip operates and, where necessary, I vote conscience not group policy.  Unlike Dail Eireann where speaking opportunities for Independent members can be very limiting I have good opportunity to raise issues and these contributions can be accessed below.

In the European Parliament I am a full  member of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee and a substitute member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and the  Petitions Committee.  For more information on my membership of Committees and groups, go to Committees

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