Dynamo of the North & West

Agriculture, from production at farm level to the purchasing power of the sector, is the single most important entity sustaining the economic and social fabric of the North & West constituency.

Money earned by farmers very quickly percolates throughout local communities in the purchase of goods and services and, in doing so, sustains many jobs in all parts of the eleven counties of the constituency.

This is why the Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy is so vital to the North & West as the outcome will determine the ability of Agriculture to sustain its unique importance to the area.  It is also why I have been so fully involved in the debate on the Reform of the CAP and why I am so determined to see fairness at the core of decisions on the distribution of the Single Farm Payment, and on equity being central to the ‘greening aspect’ of the new policy.

CAP Reform

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is of pivotal importance to farmers in my 11-county constituency, and MEPs are currently in the final stages of influencing how the CAP will look for the next 7-year EU budget period (2014-2020).

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Creation of National Poultry Organisation a welcome step

The formation of a High Level Group for Ireland’s poultry industry is marvellous news. 

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Restriction on neonicotinoid pesticides to protect Bees

I am pleased that the proposed European Commission restriction on neonicotinoid pesticides aimed at protecting EU bee populations will come into force in the coming years, following an April 2013 decision. However, I was less impressed with the Irish Government's decision to abstain from supporting the ban.

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