Creation of National Poultry Organisation a welcome step

The formation of a High Level Group for Ireland’s poultry industry is marvellous news. 

The proposal to establish a representative body for the entire poultry industry emerged from a public meeting which I organised with IFA Poultry Committee Chairman Alo Mohan in Cootehill Co. Cavan, at which the various poultry interests decided to work together to jointly advance their interests. 

Following a meeting of these interests at the Department of Agriculture & Food on Thursday April 18th, it is very heartening to record progress towards creating a representative body with the first stage agreement to form a High Level Group to advance the project. 

The poultry industry in Ireland has, for far too long, suffered from structural weakness which has placed unacceptable pressures on poultry farmers while, at the same time, failed to obtain the true value for the superior quality of the processed retail product.

The creation of the High Level Group provides a unified voice for an industry which, up to now, has lacked this essential aid so necessary to achieving deserved returns for its uniquely quality output.