The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) (Rapporteur)

The EGF has been very beneficial to Ireland, with seven recent applications. There have been applications for Dell, Waterford Crystal and SR Technics in 2009, a further three applications for the construction sector in 2010 and a final application in 2012 for Talk Talk workers. In total, Ireland has received over €63 million in total payments from the fund. I was personally involved in the construction sector application, worth €35 million, as I approached the Department and other agencies and pushed very hard to ensure they made the application.

Having been in operation since 2006, the EGF has helped unemployed persons to upskill or set up their own business if they have been made redundant due to global trade patterns, the remit was expanded in 2008 and 2009 after the financial crash. The fund was then adapted to assist those who had lost jobs in the crises, though regrettably this particular aspect of the fund is now in jeopardy.

With 45% of the targeted 5,228 unemployed applicant having found new jobs through EGF schemes, the success rate of the fund speaks for itself.

As rapporteur (European Parliament draftsperson) for the new legislation, I will work towards ensuring a successful outcome in trilogue negotiations (tripartite negotiations between The Council, Commission and Parliament) whereby Irish and European redundant workers can access the fund.

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