Pylons & Overhead Cables

Marian has invested a great deal of time and effort in supporting the many communities affected by Grid 25 and major industrial scale wind farms.  She organised a public meeting in February to examine possible health risks associated with high voltage overhead cables which featured world expert on Electro Magnetic Fields Professor Denis Henshaw. Other speakers at the meeting were Dr. Volker Wendt, Director, Public Affairs, Europacable, representative body for the European Cable Industry who spoke on over and under-grounding of cables and Dr. Padraig O’Reilly, NEPPC who put the ‘Case for the People’

Subsequently Marian co-ordinated submissions on the SCENIHR Opinion which, it is hoped, will influence the final report. 

Professor Denis Henshaw Presentation

The following are video clips of Professor Denis Henshaw's presentation on the night: 

Marian supports the involvement of communities as stakeholders in any wind farm developments in their areas but is opposed to the imposition of wind farms which are developed to be sold on by developers with little concern for the views of communities.  Marian organised a public meeting in Athlone last year in response to the public concerns on proposals to site industrialised wind farms across the midlands.  Read more

Listen to Marian's views on Pylons and High Voltage Power Lines on YouTube



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