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Seminar on European Year on Volunteering

Date: April 2, 2009

Category: News Article, Volunteering, Carers

As a direct result of Marian's commitment, drive and support for the estimated 100 million volunteers across the EU and over 1.5 million volunteers in Ireland - the European Commission has recently indicated that they are now...[more]

Volunteering a Shining Light in Era of Greed

Date: February 12, 2009

Category: News Article, Volunteering

2011 To Be EU Year of Volunteering[more]

MEP asks EU Commission to intervene in Brookvale House situation

Date: January 28, 2009

Category: News Article, Volunteering, Carers, Disability Rights

The funds which resulted from the sale of St. Davnet’s in Monaghan should be used to staff Brookvale House in Milltown which would provide the sheltered accommodation vitally necessary for people with intellectual...[more]

Vital Role of Credit Unions Stressed

Date: January 19, 2009

Category: News Article, Volunteering, Euro/Finance

At a time when confidence in the country’s banking system was at an all time low, the Credit Union movement shone out as a beacon of stability and a bedrock of community financing. This was stated by Marian Harkin MEP when she...[more]

Volunteers the Glue of Society

Date: November 27, 2008

Category: News Article, Volunteering

Volunteers were the glue which helped to hold society together and was a huge resource which deserved recognition at national and EU levels.[more]

You are Not Alone – MEP tells Women Subject to Violence

Date: November 24, 2008

Category: News Article, Volunteering

There was a need and a responsibility for everybody in society to come together and break the silence which surrounded domestic violence in Donegal and throughout Ireland. [more]

Value of Volunteering Effort Must Count

Date: October 21, 2008

Category: News Article, Volunteering

An amendment proposed by Marian Harkin MEP and adopted by the European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg has called for existing EU legislation to be used to ensure that, at national level, volunteers time is recognised as...[more]

Role of Volunteering - The Glue in Society

Date: October 13, 2008

Category: News Article, Volunteering

With the year 2010 designated as the year for combating poverty and 2011 a candidate to be the year of volunteering, the opportunity existed to engage civil society in the task of developing a social inclusion process which...[more]

Volunteers Best Role Models

Date: September 29, 2008

Category: News Article, Volunteering

The person who delivers the meals on wheels, the person who for the past twenty years has trained the local team and the person who voluntarily was at the end of the phone to listen to others problems were the people who should...[more]

M.E.P. Praises Role of Older People

Date: September 29, 2008

Category: News Article, Volunteering

For too many years older people were Ireland’s invisible citizens whose needs and potential did not receive deserved attention by national policy makers. [more]

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