81% of MEPs back agreement between EU and UK

Published: December 14, 2017
Categories: News Article

Yesterday in the European Parliament, 81% of MEPs voted to support the agreement reached last week between Theresa May and the European Commission.

Speaking in the debate Marian Harkin MEP said:- “After yesterday’s vote in the Parliament, I am more confident of the overwhelming support of the Parliament to ensure no hard border in Ireland, to uphold the Good Friday Agreement and to nail down citizen’s rights. In the words of Michel Barnier ‘we need a specific solution for a unique situation’.

“I was also encouraged to hear Barnier say there would be no going back, and that last week’s text will be translated into a legally binding document. After the contradictory statements from the House of Commons regarding the legality of the agreement, it is crucial to get clarity on the issues regarding the island of Ireland.

“Guy Verhofstadt, our European Parliament Brexit negotiator, very clearly stated that Ireland would not become collateral damage because of Brexit and asked for the legal text of the agreement to be ready within weeks rather than months.

“What we can now say is that whatever overall agreement is reached, the text from last week will be a legally binding part of any final agreement”, Marian Harkin concluded.