Call for new European Parliament constituencies to be announced

Published: June 13, 2018
Categories: News Article

Following a decision in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today Wednesday May 13th, to allocate two extra seats to Ireland, Marian has called on the Constituency Commission to immediately decide on the new European Parliament constituencies for which elections will be held in May 2019.

“The next Parliament will operate in a post-Brexit scenario, which will raise significant new challenges for the European Project and for Ireland”, she stressed.

“The European Parliament election required candidates who would recognise the different needs of European and national politics and have the knowledge and the ability to contribute to advancing the interests of their constituents within an EU context”, she said.

“Time was necessary for potential candidates to establish their credentials before the electorate and, in this regard, she called on the Constituency Commission to define and announce the new constituencies and give the maximum opportunity for candidates to make their case and for the electorate to assess them”, Marian concluded.