EU Globalisation Fund Opportunity for HP Inc Should be Taken

Published: February 12, 2017
Categories: News Article, Employment

Representatives of workers to be made redundant at HP Inc have been urged to make immediate contact with the Department of Education & Skills in order to access the range of supports available through the European Globalisation Fund (EGF).

This proposal from the European Parliament’s rapporteur on the EGF, Marian Harkin MEP, was based on her experience to date where some approved programmes for redundant workers were more successful than others.

“It took a while for the government departments concerned to get up to speed on how to make best use of the EGF but now with their increased experience there is no reason why redundant workers cannot be quickly into training, education or self-employment situations which will help them to full employment relatively quickly”, she said.

North Kildare was one of the most desirable locations for new FDI projects and it was essential that an immediate assessment was made to identify the type of training and education that would be in demand in new projects already planned for the county and for the greater Dublin area, Marian Harkin said.

“The courses provided under the EGF can include access to state payments during the period of training, or education, and funding for transport to courses where required”, she said.
While HP Inc workers would understandably regard redundancy as a serious set-back it was  important for them to realise that the EGF had the potential to help them to develop  the skills needed for new employment, or develop self-employment projects to secure their futures, Independent MEP Marian Harkin concluded.