Feevagh School Highly Praised

Published: May 10, 2017
Categories: News Article

Marian, who visited Feevagh National School, Dysart on Monday, May 9th - Europe Day was hugely impressed by her welcome and the preparations and presentations made by the pupils.

“Feevagh N.S. is a great justification for the preservation of two teacher primary schools in rural areas and an absolute credit to the teachers who , on my visit, had prepared their students so well in helping them to understand what the European Union is all about”, she said.

At the event Marian and Eugene Murphy TD answered a range of questions concerning European and national politics and the nature and extent of their work.  The pupils also had prepared examples of the foods of the different EU countries which were enjoyed by the attendance which included parents of the students.

“Going away from Feevagh I had a great sense that the early education of the pupils in the school was creating a very sound basis for their futures and their awareness of Ireland’s place in an evolving European Union”, Marian concluded.