Good Outcome From Verhofstadt Visit

Published: September 25, 2017
Categories: News Article

The visit I co-ordinated for my group colleague Guy Verhofstadt to the Monaghan/Armagh border, his statements there and subsequently in the Dail, offers hope that there will be no future hard border with Northern Ireland.

As Brexit Co-ordinator and Chair of the European Parliament Brexit Steering Group, Guy Verhofstadt has a very serious input into the Brexit process and Parliament will of course vote on whether any eventual deal is acceptable.  What he heard from the representatives of farmers, from road hauliers, IBEC and, vitally, from spokesmen for Border Communities Against Brexit was reflected in his subsequent statements that there must be a unique agreement which avoids any hard border.

This poses a challenge to our EU negotiators as Theresa May, in her Florence speech also said that there must not be a hard border.  However, to my mind, avoidance of a hard border will fully test the creativity of negotiators.