High Hopes Choir gets High Praise in Brussels

Published: March 22, 2017
Categories: News Article

The performance of Ireland’s High Hopes Choir in the European Parliament was highly praised by an appreciative audience and at a subsequent conference mounted in the European Parliament on Homelessness in the European Union by Independent MEP Marian Harkin.

This was stated by the MEP who said that she subsequently had a discussion with David Brophy on the possibility of forming a High Hopes Choir for Galway. David Brophy, (the former principal conductor of the RTE Orchestra) is the creator of the High Hopes Choir and accompanied the choir to Brussels.

Speaking as co-ordinator of the visit of the choir for their performance in the Parliament, she praised the development of the choir as a new therapy in dealing with the issue of homelessness.

“The Dublin and Munster European Parliament constituencies are well represented by the choirs in Dublin, Waterford and Cork, that constitute the National High Hopes Choir, and I believe that there are plans being considered which hopefully might see the addition of a Galway based choir in the not so distant future”, she said.

Speaking at a conference on homelessness, which followed on from the choir performance, Marian said “the High Hopes Choir have opened our hearts with their singing and opened our minds with their personal stories about homelessness and exclusion.”

“David Brophy as initiator of the High Hopes Choir deserves great praise for his vision and his commitment to improving the lives of homeless people through choral singing.” As many of the choir members explained, “singing in the High Hopes Choir helped to restore some of our dignity and gave us a common purpose.” “Hopefully, there will be support for starting a High Hopes Choir in Galway or elsewhere in the West of Ireland”, Marian Harkin concluded.