Leitrim a National Sacrifice Zone for Sitka Spruce

Published: January 15, 2018
Categories: News Article, Agriculture, Environment & Energy

Following her recent meetings with community representatives to discuss problems associated with excessive afforestation in CO. Leitrim, Marian met with representatives of the Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) in Ballinamore for discussions on the same issue.

She informed them that EU officials had indicated to her their concern with policies being followed by the Irish government and which ran counter to European Union policies which called for balance to be maintained in the designated type of afforestation and its relationship with biodiversity, the maintenance of population and the social fabric of areas encountering intensive afforestation.

“Following discussion in Brussels last week and my meetings with concerned groups in Co. Leitrim I am astonished at how Irish policy in respect of afforestation has been allowed to differ substantially with that of the European Union”, she said.

As a matter of urgency Irish government policies needed to be challenged including issues surrounding the focus on monoculture sowing of sitka spruce and failure to adhere to the EU’s aim to encourage the planting of native species, she proposed.  Indeed one EU official described Leitrim as a national sacrifice zone for sitka spruce and I fully agree with this sentiment”, she said.

“The headlong determination of Irish forestry authorities to disproportionately plant Co. Leitrim and not to adhere to EU objectives in all parts of Ireland reveals an arrogance which must not be accepted".

The fact that intensive afforestation had serious water pollution implications did not seem to bother Irish policy makers, she said, while it appeared that they had ignored research which indicated that undisturbed peat based land had substantially more beneficial effects on carbon sequestration than did forestry, she suggested.

She would be dealing with those issues in further discussions with EU officials this week preparatory to her participation in a public meeting on the forestry issue to be held in Carrick-on-Shannon on Friday next, Marian concluded.