Make Broadband a Legal Right

Published: May 19, 2016
Categories: News Article, Employment

The decision of the UK government to give a legal right to broadband will further widen the IT infrastructural gap between the rural regions of the Republic and Northern Ireland.

According to Independent MEP Marian Harkin this will mean that Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo will be at a considerable competitive disadvantage with Limavady, Co. Derry and will make a nonsense of the government’s plan to create over 135,000 jobs by 2020 in rural areas within five years.

“While Northern Ireland powers ahead, assuming no Brexit, we in the Republic will continue to suffer the consequences of government mismanagement of the roll out of broadband to our rural areas, with all of the adverse consequences this will entail”, she said.

The continued procrastination, and the numerous false dawns associated with the provision of effective rural broadband can no longer be tolerated, she said, and the UK decision to make it legally binding to provide broadband needed to replicated in the Republic.