Marian Secures Backing of European Parliament for Workers Made Redundant Due to BREXIT

Published: January 16, 2019
Categories: Employment, News Article

In the European Parliament in Strasbourg, today Wednesday, January 16th, a huge majority supported a proposal from Independent MEP Marian Harkin, to expand the scope of the new EU Globalisation Fund to specifically include redundancies occurring as a consequence of BREXIT

Marian Harkin said:- “While we are all working towards a negotiated settlement with the UK, there could still be significant job losses in different sectors as a result of BREXIT.    The European Parliament has supported my proposal that the Globalisation Fund, which exists to assist redundant workers back into employment, or to setting up their own business through retraining, upskilling or grant aid up to €25,000, can, in the future, be used to assist workers who lose their jobs because of BREXIT”.

“Of course, we hope there will be no job losses, but this is a type of insurance policy that could help many redundant workers if the worst happens.  The objective here is to try and BREXIT proof our economy as best we can.  The EU Globalisation Fund is a timely and effective response from the EU which provides tailor made packages for many redundant workers and furthermore, it is a real and tangible expression of European solidarity with workers who lose their jobs in many different circumstances”, Marian Harkin concluded.