No Backstop, No Brexit Deal

Published: October 24, 2018
Categories: News Article

“It is said that we have made 90 – 95% progress in agreeing the Brexit negotiations, yet there is zero progress if there is no solution on the Irish border”. These were the words spoken by Guy Verhofstadt, the Chief Brexit Negotiator for the European Parliament at a meeting in Strasbourg today attended by Marian Harkin MEP and Border Communities Against Brexit.

According to Guy Verhofstadt, we need to stop the Irish border being used as a bargaining chip in any future Brexit negotiations.  

Reacting to today’s meeting Marian Harkin stated: “I was really heartened to hear Guy Verhofstadt reiterate the full support of the European Parliament to ensuring no hardening of the Irish border and a commitment to ensuring the backstop is fully maintained”.   In essence the outcome of today’s meeting copper fastens the situation that if there is no backstop there will be no Brexit deal.