No Houdini Like Smokescreen to allow UK Unilateral action to end Backstop

Published: March 12, 2019
Categories: News Article

Tonight in the European Parliament Marian expressed her concern that some reports on the ongoing Brexit negotiations had suggested possible unilateral action by the UK to end the Backstop.

In a strong speech to the European Parliament, Marian welcomed the latest pledge by Chief Parliament Negotiator Guy Verhofstadt to stand by Ireland and safeguard the Good Friday Agreement.  

 “However I have to say I am somewhat concerned that the implementation of the Backstop, which is the insurance policy guaranteeing no hardening of the Irish border, may be outsourced to some independent body and that somewhere in that process the UK could unilaterally walk away from the agreement on the Backstop.

“While we all hope the Backstop will never need to be implemented and, if it is, that it will be temporary in nature, and can only happen by agreement.  There can be no Houdini like smokescreen that would ever, ever, allow unilateral action by the UK to end the Backstop”, she concluded.