No Loophole for Telecom Companies in Roaming legislation

Published: March 1, 2017
Categories: News Article

“There is no loophole in the Roaming legislation whereby mobile phone companies can decide that part of the domestic data allowance would not count when the user was travelling abroad”.

This was stated by Marian  following clarification from the European Commission on the suggestion that certain mobile phone companies in Ireland were intending to manipulate their terms and conditions to ensure that their customers would not get the same amount of data when travelling abroad at the same price as they do at home.

She said: “It seems that certain mobile phone companies are trying to find loopholes in the legislation on roaming that is due to come into force on June 15th this year.

This would seem to be a clear case of circumvention of the legislation for which there is no basis in the current legislation on roaming. Under the roaming legislation, existing or new contracts that include roaming services will become a ‘roam like at home’ contract by default from June 15th 2017.

“I am pleased to see the clarification from the EU Commission on this attempt by certain companies to find a way to charge their customer’s excessive amounts for data roaming. Those days are gone. Companies which try to prolong them will be in contravention of the legislation as well as sending a clear message to their customers that they intend to try to jack up their mobile phone bills when they use the same data allowance abroad as they do at home. At the very least, this is a poor customer relations policy”, she concluded.