Marian co-ordinates MEPs Urging Draghi to Appear at Oireachtas Enquiry

All of Ireland's MEPs have, in a joint letter, requested Mario DRAGHI, President of the European Central Bank to agree to appear before the Oireachtas Banking Enquiry.[more]

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MEP Deplores Destruction of €500m of Citizens Money

Ireland’s illegal and odious €80 billion bank debt arising from the Anglo Irish Bank debacle had to be dealt with by lifting it from the shoulders of Ireland’s citizens. [more]

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Leaks can be plugged – Water Tax Reduced by Avoiding Vanity Projects

The reduction by one third - in energy usage per dwelling in Ireland since 1990, and static demand for electricity, undermines the justification at this time of the planned €3.2 billion Grid 25 project.[more]

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Heated Energy Debate in Maynooth

The debate in Maynooth on Friday last between Economist Colm McCarthy and Green Party leader Eamon Ryan on Ireland’s energy policy was both very informative and contentious according to its organiser Independent MEP Marian Harkin.[more]

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MEP Questions An Bord Pleanala Energy Decision

Serious questions about the quality and independence of planning decisions by An Bord Pleanala needed to be addressed especially in regard to large scale electricity and wind farm projects.[more]

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