Public Must Oppose Excessive Water Leak Charges

Independent Marian Harkin has called on the public to engage fully with the public consultation planned by the Commission for Energy Regulation on the issue of the charges to be levied to fix water leaks in the future.[more]

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Firing Parents to Employ their Children No Solution to Jobs Crisis

Firing parents to employ their children at half their wages was no solution and the EU Youth Guarantee proposal should not be seen as an opportunity to abuse young people.[more]

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‘Drivers’ of our export recovery under threat

Minister Pascal Donohue should withdraw his ultimatum for the hauliers and get down to the business of ensuring a viable future for the haulage industry. This was stated by Marian Harkin, Independent MEP For Midlands, North &...[more]

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Tubbercurry moves Questioned by Harkin

When a major farmer owned co-operative takes a decision to move from a small rural town to a significantly bigger urban area, it reveals the difficulty facing those seeking to maintain the economic and social fabric of rural...[more]

News Article, Agriculture, Employment

Harkin Urges Health Policy on Vision

Five people go blind in Ireland every week and more than half of all blindness is preventable[more]

News Article, Health

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