Harkin to Seek EU Funds for Monaghan Workers

Independent MEP has called on the government to immediately apply to the EU Globalisation Fund to assist workers being made redundant by the decision of the Monaghan based Bose company to move the enterprise abroad.[more]

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MEP Warns on Unrealistic Farm Investment

While Ireland’s food exports have been particularly strong contributors to Ireland’s economic recovery the producers of that food have not benefit commensurately.[more]

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EU Commission accepts difference between good debt and bad debt

“This afternoon the EU Commission explicitly differentiated between good and bad debt when they illustrated the flexibility that is contained within EU economic governance”. [more]

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Brussels Bureaucrats Will no Longer Decide Irish GMO Policy

The clear opposition of the European Parliament to the unacceptable power of multinational corporations to sue Member States of the European Union when they do not get their way was demonstrated in Strasbourg today, Tuesday,...[more]

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New Regional Authority Sounds Alarm Bell for Midlands

The government decision to create a new regional assembly incorporating midland counties and Dublin city has been described as a chalk and cheese arrangement with the potential to further discriminate against some of Ireland’s...[more]

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