€100,000 of EU Funds Returned Unspent, neither Dublin nor Donegal are Winners

"The fact that up to €100,000 ear marked for tackling youth unemployment is to be returned unspent to the EU is just not acceptable and clearly shows that once again we have dropped the ball when it comes to spending EU monies"...[more]

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Unfair Designation of Hill Land slated by MEP

Department of Agriculture inspections without defined criteria are designating marginal and commonage land as ineligible for payments under EU Schemes designed to maintain land in good agricultural and environmental condition...[more]

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MEP Slates Threat to Ending of Roaming Charges

The ending of roaming charges for mobile phone users which has been supported by the European Parliament and the last European Commission is being watered down by proposals to be discussed by the EU Council of Ministers this...[more]

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Call for Publication of EPA Tests on Waters Affected by Fuel Laundering

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should immediately publish the results of the samples of waters taken in border areas because of public disquiet about possible high levels of toxicity resulting from fuel laundering...[more]

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Harkin Ensures Level Playing Field for Rural Bus Companies

An attempt by the government to restrict private bus services from participating in the Free Travel Scheme had been defeated following representations from Independent MEP Marian Harkin to the European Commission. [more]

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