EU Backs Cavan Bus Company

A government decision to deny additional bus transport providers access to the Free Travel Scheme has been overturned by the European Commission.[more]

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MEP impressed by Youth and Volunteers in Co. Louth Visit

The energy and expertise of young secondary school pupils in Co. Louth and the commitment of volunteers in Drogheda Volunteering Centre were very positive indications for the Co. Louth of the future.[more]

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Sligo allocation of Special Needs Assistants a huge cause for concern

Hugely disproportionate cuts to SNA posts in primary schools in Sligo are being imposed and this will have negative long term implications for students in need of the service as well as job losses for a significant number of...[more]

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Harkin welcomes interim funding for Women’s Networks

“The decision by Minister Alan Kelly to allocate interim funding to the National Collective of Community based Women’s Networks is to be welcomed, but under no circumstances should there be any further cuts to their allocation”. ...[more]

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Public Must Oppose Excessive Water Leak Charges

Independent Marian Harkin has called on the public to engage fully with the public consultation planned by the Commission for Energy Regulation on the issue of the charges to be levied to fix water leaks in the future.[more]

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