Commitments Not Words Needed from Sligo Cabinet Meeting

The cabinet as it travels the N4 in the short distance from Castlebaldwin into Sligo will see tragic evidence of government failure under different administrations to provide a safe road to the main town of the North...[more]

Discrimination in Earnings an Unexploded Bomb

The fact that younger workers were losing significant income share as opposed to older workers was increasing year on year and was an unexploded bomb in communities.[more]

Any Capitulation on Mercusor Beef a Disaster

Marian has strongly criticised the proposed EU-Mercusor trade deal as a sell-out of EU agriculture, with Ireland the single biggest casualty.[more]

€2,500 Donation for Loughrea Carers

Loughrea’s Family Carers Group were part of the wonderful voluntary band of carers throughout the country without whom the quality of the lives of those needing ongoing care would be considerably less.[more]

Ballinasloe Waste Plant to be Raised in Brussels

Independent MEP Marian Harkin is to investigate if European Union regulations have been adhered to in relation to the waste facility planned for Poolboy, Ballinasloe.[more]