Ireland GUBU on Apple Tax

Ireland’s actions on Apple Tax have a GUBU ring to them.[more]

Harkin Challenges Unionists on Border

Unionist politicians in Northern Ireland have been challenged in the European Parliament on their attitude towards a hard border and upholding the Good Friday Agreement. In a speech on a motion on the State of Play on Brexit...[more]

Increased Numbers offer Hopes for Fisheries re-opening

The potentially lucrative fisheries of the high value Spurdog species could re-open due to the evidence of recovery in numbers.[more]

Disability Activists at European Parliament Meeting

Disability activists attended the Biannual Freedom Drive (BFD) in the European Parliament on a visit sponsored by Marian Harkin MEP The BFD was initiated by the late Martin Naughton, a fearless Irish advocate for people with...[more]

Good Outcome From Verhofstadt Visit

The visit I co-ordinated for my group colleague Guy Verhofstadt to the Monaghan/Armagh border, his statements there and subsequently in the Dail, offers hope that there will be no future hard border with Northern Ireland.[more]