ECJ Ruling puts Facebook Ireland in the Dock

A landmark decision by the ECJ has confirmed that the Safe Harbour decision is invalid and that the Irish Data Commissioner should now investigate the actions of Facebook Ireland in transferring personal data of EU citizens to...[more]

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Continued Government Department Ineptitude could defeat Taoiseach’s Aspiration for Mayo Farmers

The Taoiseach’s hope that the newly announced Biomass Project for Killala could encourage the growing of renewable crops in Co. Mayo might never happen unless he ensures a more coordinated and proactive response from the relevant...[more]

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Parkinsons Patients Deserve Greater State Support

Patients with Parkinsons, and their carers, deserve far greater support from the State than is currently provided.[more]

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MEPs call for Breastfeeding Friendly Places

A new symbol to identify and promote breastfeeding friendly places has been launched in the European Parliament by a number of MEPs. This is accompanied by a call for all EU institutions to provide a suitable environment for all...[more]

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Failed Government Policy Threatens 2020 Energy Targets

Despite the requirement for the State to achieve the 2020 renewable energy target of 16% the lack of co-ordination between government departments was undermining the ability of biomass to contribute to achieving this objective.[more]

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Breastfeeding Week

Marian and colleagues in the European Parliament pictured with a proposed symbol for the location of ‘Breastfeeding Friendly Places’.



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