Call for Publication of EPA Tests on Waters Affected by Fuel Laundering

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should immediately publish the results of the samples of waters taken in border areas because of public disquiet about possible high levels of toxicity resulting from fuel laundering...[more]

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Harkin Ensures Level Playing Field for Rural Bus Companies

An attempt by the government to restrict private bus services from participating in the Free Travel Scheme had been defeated following representations from Independent MEP Marian Harkin to the European Commission. [more]

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€383 million for new Cross Border Co-operation

The announcement of a new €383 million EU inter regional programme could be of considerable benefit to SME’s and a range of public, private, and research organisations according to Independent MEP Marian Harkin.[more]

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Meeting today on EU Fund possibilities for BOSE workers

The possibility of retraining BOSE workers for jobs emerging from the expansion of Combilift will be among the subjects to be discussed when Independent MEP Marian Harkin and Cllr. Paudge Connolly meet with SIPTU and BOSE workers...[more]

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Appointed to the Special Tax Committee of the European Parliament

“As one of the original signatories asking for the setting up of this Committee on tax matters I am very pleased to have been appointed a Substitute member of this Committee”.[more]

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